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What is PHXBody?

PHXBody is at the forefront of a new movement, combining the best of two separate worlds: "corrective exercise", and personal fitness training.  Taking elements of each, and putting them together in a way that most people have never used before is our goal.  We specialize in helping regular people, golfers, and other athletes enhance their bodies and their game through these custom training programs. We also attack the "chemical" side of things with specialized nutrition and supplementation protocols, depending on the need. At PHXBody we use textbook knowledge on these subjects, along with real world experience and application, which has shown time and again to be the best teacher. Feeling out solutions to physical problems clients face has always been the most effective approach for us.  Our vision is to share this new way of exercising with people to create a healthier, happier, and more physically able world.

To put it simply, it's about fixing your body before it gets broken.  Or, if you're already a little banged up, our methods can help patch things up, get you moving better, and ultimately "bulletproof" your body.

Who is PHXBody for?

The principles, techniques, coaching, and books that PHXBody has available will work for anyone between the ages of 20 and 120, but we find that most people coming to us for help tend to be over 40 years old.  This is because sometimes it takes time for bad patterns to develop to the point where they cause us pain or dysfunction.  Many people in this age range need a "physical" reset, and since most people are not out to help these individuals, it has been an underserved population.  We aim to fix that.

If you're under 40, and want to move better, look better, experience less pain and get stronger or leaner, our techniques can help you as well.  Much of what we do is a necessary part of how everyone of all ages or conditioning levels should approach fitness.  We encourage people of all ages to try our techniques because they are preventative, and the earlier you start, the better and longer you'll be able to use your body.

I want extra help, what can I do?

Of course! We are in the process of creating our first series of courses and ebooks that will be available soon.  In the meantime, read our blog, and if you need extra coaching you can contact us here for online coaching or here for in person coaching if you are in the greater Phoenix area.  Our coaching services are customized to the individual and focused on utilizing the PHXBody principles to get you to your goal as quickly and safely as possible.  This involves utilizing corrective exercise, specific strength protocols, assessments where necessary, as well as nutrition and supplement recommendations, if applicable.