Our Approach

PHXBody is the first health and wellness company focused specifically on using corrective exercise with traditional strength and conditioning techniques to help people prevent and rehab injuries, and to extend their physical functioning for as long as possible. A side component of PHXBody's approach is to slow the cellular deterioration component of aging by using strategic scientifically validated nutrition, supplement, and lifestyle protocols.  With both of these, extending health in a way that allows people to improve their "structure" and their "chemistry", is the ultimate goal.  What this means to each reader, client, or customer is different.  For some the aim is to achieve huge feats of strength, endurance, or overall athleticism. For many it is to look and feel as good as possible and to make their body a masterpiece, something they can be proud of for life.  For others as they age it is simply to move freely without pain and have the energy to live life with the optimum vitality available to them at any given moment.


PHXBody is at the forefront of a new movement, combining the best of two separate worlds: "corrective exercise", and personal fitness training. Taking elements of each, and putting them together in a way that most people have never used before is our goal. We use textbook knowledge on these subjects, along with real world experience and application, which has shown time and again to be the best teacher. Feeling out solutions to physical problems clients face has always been the most effective approach for us. Our vision is to share this new way of exercising with people to create a healthier, happier, and more physically able world.

To put it simply, it's about fixing your body before it gets broken. Or, if you're already a little banged up, our methods can help patch things up, get you moving better, and ultimately "bulletproof" your body.




Our Story

It started with one Trainer and one mission:  get people to perform better, look better, feel better.

Simple enough, right?

This is where PHXBody really began, when in 2008 we shifted our location across the country and almost entirely switched to a new client base.  We went from doing fitness training for college kids and the occasional soccer mom to seniors focused on improving their physically conditioning.

These people wanted to feel better and still be able to perform.  Preferably without pain.  We had always had clients who were doing personal training to get results.  But now the results they wanted were different.  Their starting point and "template" was different.  They had different needs that demanded different methods.

This new clientele was unique in that many of them were older, and had pre-exisiting issues that made working out tough.  Or in some cases impossible.

But they still wanted to get stronger, move better, and do more.  Many of them were golfers who wanted to perform better on the greens.  Many of them wanted to feel less pain.

Join pain, muscle aches, stiffness, hip problems, sciatica, chronic low back pain, bum shoulders...the list went on.

Learning how to rebuild these folks was something that we had to do.  And at first it was a little bit of "learn as you go" type of thing.  Every body is different, but a lot of the main "gears" are the same.  So it took a little while, but we started to hit our stride and find the right strategies for "fixing" and then strengthening our clients.

In the process we started to take into account how we would see or hear about these same patterns in other people we were trying to help - and not just the people over 50!  We started to see the beginnings of "faulty patterns" in people old and young alike, and we realized that resetting these folks physically needed to be the goal.

Basically this meant breaking down where they were moving wrong or where they were weak.  And then trying to address both of these things at the same time, in the right way.

Sometimes we would see people that were much older that could do a lot, but then got themselves into trouble because although they were physically strong, they had imbalances in the training or their physiology that made them prone to injury.  Once they got sidelined from an injury, things were likely to get worse because they didn't know how to train themselves out of the problems that their bodies developed.

Oftentimes this would happen with young people we saw as well.  Clients in their 20's and 30s who thought they were invincible would develop bad training habits and get themselves into trouble as well.  The difference with this group was that sometimes, they could push through it.  The problem with that though was that if we didn't help them try to fix these issues - instead of just "powering" through or "toughing it out" - these things would hit them in a big way when they were older.  And of course, with the worst injuries, even people in their 20s just flat out couldn't function.  So these people, just like the folks in the 50s and up needed a way to rebuild and systematically approach their training and exercise in a way that would fix underlying problems while strengthening their entire body.

We learned more and more as we went along that exercise needed to be both challenging and therapeutic.  It had to force the body to change both in very rough and strenuous ways, but it also had to sometimes be softer and slower.

It had to deliver exactly what the body needed in that moment.

The challenge then became how to implement this new set of methods and exercises into traditional fitness training that was focused more on strength and working the cardiovascular system.

Over time we developed a blended approach where with each training session, each client, each routine, we could cover both the functional training methods needed to rehab injuries (or to prevent them), while also moving them forward in other ways - like getting them stronger, or leaner, or more powerful.

This become our brand, our system, our niche and it's found in our company name - PHXBody, which comes from two distinct but similar ideas:

  • Physical Health Extension (through achieving specific structural and physiological changes within the body itself)
  • PHX - the short hand for the symbolic bird that represents renewal and rebirth and the city where we got our start - Phoenix, Arizona.  

It's about getting strong.  It's about feeling better.  It's about being the best you can be.  Our methods were created specifically for people in their 50s and beyond, but have since been adapted to fit everyone.

Bulletproof your body.  Function better.

Be intelligent and take control.

Start here.  












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